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Call for Centers

The PROTHOR Trial is open for participation. For each country a designated person will coordinate on a national Level. If you want to participate in this trial and don't know your national coordinator's name, please contact Thomas Kiss (

Steering Committee:

  • G. Cinella, Foggia, Italy

  • E. Cohen, New York, USA

  • M. El Tahan, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

  • L.F. Falcão, São Paulo, Brazil

  • C. Gregoretti, Turin, Italy

  • M. Granell, Valencia, Spain

  • M. Gama de Abreu, Dresden, Germany

  • T. Hachenberg, Magdeburg, Germany

  • M. Hollmann, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • R.Jankovic, Niš, Serbia

  • W. Karzai, Bad Berka, Germany

  • J. Krassler, Coswig/Saxonia, Germany

  • T. Kiss, Dresden, Germany

  • T. Loop, Freiburg, Germany

  • M-J, Licker, Geneva, Switzerland

  • N. Marczin, London, United Kingdom

  • G H. Mills, Sheffield, United Kingdom

  • M. T. Murrell, New York, USA

  • Z. Nisnevitch-Savarese, New York, USA

  • P. Pelosi, Genua, Italy

  • R. Rossaint, Aachen, Germany

  • M. Schultz, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • M. Sentürk, Istanbul, Turkey

  • A. Serpa Neto, São Paulo, Brazil

  • P. Severgnini, Varese, Italy

  • L. Szegedi, Brussels, Belgium

  • T. Vegh, Debrecen, Hungary

  • G. Voyagis, Patras, Greece

  • J. Zhong, Shanghai, China

National Coordinators:

  • Turkey: Mert Sentürk & Mukadder Orhan Sungur, Istanbul
  • Germany: Marcelo Gama de Abreu, Dresden; Torsten Loop, Freiburg
  • Spain: Manuel Granell
  • Netherlands: Markus Hollmann, Amsterdam
  • United Kingdom: Gary Mills, Sheffield
  • Belgium: Laszlo Szegedi, Brussels
  • Italy: Paolo Pelosi, Genoa
  • USA: Matthew T Murrell, New York
  • Switzerland: Marc Licker, Geneva
  • Brazil: Luiz Fernando Falcão, São Paulo
  • Argentina: Jorge Luis Iglesias
  • Serbia: Vojislava Neskovic, Belgrade; Radmilo Jankovic, Niš
  • Czech Republic: Pavel Michálek, Prague
  • Hungary: Tamás Végh, Debrecen
  • Romania: Radu Stoica, Bucharest
  • Croatia: Jasna Spicek, Zagreb

Become a CoAuthor

PROTHOR is an investigator-initiated study, there won't be any paying for patients inclusion to the centers. A co-authorship is granted for every 20 randomized patients. Furthermore, each center may run their own sub-study upon application to the PROTHOR steering committee.

Trial registration

The trial has been registered at with trial . ID NCT02963025

Actively participating centers

  • 001 Istanbul, Turkey
  • 002 Dresden, Germany
  • 003 Magdeburg, Germany (pending ethics approval)
  • 004 Coswig, Germany
  • 005 Münster, Germany
  • 006 NYC Cornell Medical College, USA
  • 007 LMU München, Germany
  • 008 Hospital General Universitario de Valencia, Spain
  • 009 Freiburg, Germany
  • 010 Insular Hospital, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • 011 Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 012 Uniklinikum Aachen, Germany
  • 013 Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro, Vigo, Spain
  • 014 University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Croatia
  • 015 “Sotiria” Chest Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • 016 Institutul de Pneumoftiziologie “Marius Nasta” Bucharest, Romania
  • 017 Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia (i)
  • 018 Hospital Universitario de La Ribera, Valencia, Spain
  • 019 Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, Genova, Italy
  • 020 General University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic (i)
  • 021 University Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain
  • 022 Central Military Emergency University Hospital Bucharest
  • 023 Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • 024 Attikon University Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • 025 University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 026 OORR Foggia, University of Foggia, Italy
  • 028 Merheim Hospital, Cologne, Germany
  • 029 University Hospital of Heraklion
  • 030 Fudan University, Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai, China
  • 031 Arcispedale Sant'Anna, Ferrara, Italy
  • 032 Clinical Center Nis, Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy, Serbia
  • 033 Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan
  • 034 AOU G.Martino, Messina, Italy
  • 035 Rijnstate Hospital, The Netherlands
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